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Presidential Decision-Making & US Interventions
October 22-24, 1999

Each Fall, the Annual Leadership Conference brings students together with academic, business, and government leaders from the United States and abroad. This leadership conference consists of general sessions and panel discussions with distinguished national and international participants. The conferences are held at either historic sites or near Presidential libraries.


Past Leadership Conferences

30th Annual Leadership Conference
"Presidential Decision-Making & US Interventions"
October 22-24, 1999

President George W. Bush was the keynote speaker at the 1999 Leadership Conference, focusing on Presidential decision-making and US interventions during the Cold War and more recently. Other featured speakers included Thomas R. Pickering, Under Secretary of State, and Lt. General Howard Graves, Chancellor of the Texas A&M University System. [more]

29th Annual Leadership Conference
"Policy Shifts and Presidential Leadership: After the Votes are Counted"
November 6-8, 1998

The conference addressed the constraints and opportunities for leadership following the 1998 election, including pragmatic assessments of the likely legislative and executive action of importance to business, non-profits and academia and fundamental and enduring leadership issues. Drawing on the Center's unique and non-partisan position to bring forth the historical prespective, the experience of government practitioners and cutting edge analysis, the conference facilitated an understanding of, and appropriate response to, ongoing political developments that have a direct impact on all of us as we move into the new millenium. [more]

28th Leadership Conference

"Canadian and American Relations in the New Millennium"
October 12-14, 1997

27th Leadership Conference

"Last Presidential Election of the 20th Century"
October 25-27, 1996



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