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Volume 33 - Number 3
September 2003

Table of Contents

SPECIAL ISSUE: The Permanent War

Louis Fisher


Presidential Greatness as an Attribute of Warmaking
David Gray Adler

Military Tribunals: A Sorry History
Louis Fisher

The War Power and Its Limits
Nancy Kassop

Deference and Defiance: The Shifting Rhythms of Executive-Legislative Relations in Foreign Policy
James M. Lindsay

National Security versus Civil Liberties
Nancy V. Baker

Presidential Authority to Detain “Enemy Combatants”
Jennifer K. Elsea

Organizing for Homeland Security
Harold C. Relyea


The Contemporary Presidency: Rating the Presidents: A Tracking Study
Douglas A. Lonnstrom and Thomas O. Kelly, II

The Law: Walker v. Cheney: Legal Insulation of the Vice President from GAO Investigations
T.J. Halstead

The Polls: Searching for Determinism: A Comparative Assessment of First Term Approval Volatility, Buoyancy, and Polarization
Joshua G. Behr

Source Material: The White House and the Press: News Organizations as a Presidential Resource and as a Source of Pressure
Martha Joynt Kumar


Ethan Fishman, ed. Tempered Strength: Studies in the Nature and Scope of Prudential Leadership
Gary L. Gregg II

David A. Crockett, The Opposition Presidency: Leadership and the Constraints of History
Kevin Price

Andrew J. Bacevich, American Empire: The Realities and Consequences of U.S. Diplomacy,
Kiki Caruson

Donald E. Davis and Eugene P. Trani, The First Cold War: The Legacy of Woodrow Wilson in U.S.-Soviet Relations
Frank Ninkovich

Ryan C. Hendrickson, The Clinton Wars: The Constitution, Congress, and War Powers
Gordon Silverstein

Jeff Yates, Popular Justice: Presidential Prestige and Executive Success in the Supreme Court
Wendy L. Martinek

Stephen Hess, Organizing the Presidency, third edition
MaryAnne Borrelli

G. Calvin Mackenzie, Scandal Proof: Do Ethics Laws Make Government Ethical?
Raymond Cox III

Glenn W. Richardson, Jr., Pulp Politics: How Political Advertising Tells the Stories of American Politics
Molly W. Andolina

Kurt Ritter and Martin Medhurst, eds., Presidential Speechwriting: From the New Deal to the Reagan Revolution and Beyond
Carol Gelderman



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