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Volume 33 - Number 4
December 2003

Table of Contents


The Bush Presidency and the American Electorate
Gary C. Jacobson

George Bush and the 102nd Congress: The Impact of Public and “Private” Veto Threats on Policy Outcomes
Richard S. Conley

What Presidents Talk about: The Nixon Case
Lawrence R. Jacobs, Melanie Burns, Benjamin I. Page, Gregory E. McAvoy, and Eric Ostermeier

From American Values to Human Rights
John Kane

“John F. Kennedy and the ‘Missile Gap’”
Christopher Preble

Incumbent Presidents and Renomination Challenges in the 20th Century
Wayne Steger

Was Reagan Really a Great Communicator? The Influence of Televised Addresses on Public Opinion
Reed L. Welch


The Contemporary Presidency: The Twenty-fifth Amendment: Recommendations and Deliberations of the Working Group on Presidential Disability
Robert E. Gilbert

Elections: Was the 2000 Presidential Election Fair? An Analysis of Comparative and Retrospective Survey Data
Martin P. Wattenberg

The Law: Congressional Access to Presidential Documents: The House Resolution of Inquiry
Louis Fisher

The Polls: Presidential Greatness As Seen in the Mass Public: An Extension and Application of the Simonton Model
Jeffrey E. Cohen

Source Material: Out of Office and in the News: Early Projections of the Clinton Legacy
Lori Cox Han and Matthew J. Krov





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